Dellie Maa Film Festival: Winter´s yearning – 27 november 2021

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lör 27/11 2021
19:30 - 21:00

Årsta Folkets Hus Bio. Biljetter hos Tickster.
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Grönlands komplexa relation med Danmark visualiserad i film. Skall exploatering av naturresurser vara vägen ut ur kolonialt beroende av Danmark?

Maniitsoq, Grönland – Dokumentär – 77 min – Regissörer: Sidse Torstholm Larsen and Sturla Pilskog

Biljett hos Tickster

Evenemanget genomförs med stöd av Sametingets Kulturnämnd, Svenska Filminstitutet och Australiens ambassad i Stockholm.

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When an American industrial giant decides to build their next plant in a remote town off the west coast of Greenland, the massive billion-dollar project is welcomed with excitement. This could be an opportunity for a town in decline to turn things around, and even the first major step towards the long-awaited Greenlandic independence. But years go by without any signs of the plant, and Maniitsoq fall into a state of waiting. The future has been postponed, but for how long? A therapist, a young woman working at the fish factory, and the town’s aluminium coordinator are the main protagonists in this portrait of a small society yearning for change and progress, progress that ultimately comes from an unexpected source. Winter’s Yearning is a cinematic film about dreams, lives on hold and the human capacity to rise again.

Winter’s Yearning | Blaast Film

Winter’s Yearning | Blaast Film

This portrait film is exceptional, excellent. It’s a mix of narratives, situations and atmosphere that help us see Maniitsoq, Greenland, the complex relationship Greenland has with Denmark, and what it is to be human with responsibilities and…